How to make the TL2 series LED Tactile Switch add color to your device?


The TL2 Series LED tactile button switch has garnered significant attention due to its exceptional performance, versatility, and sleek design. In this article, we will explore the remarkable features of our TL2 Series illuminated tactile switch, renowned for its sharp tactile response, customizable illuminated cap options, and long-lasting durability. With options for single or double LED colors and a PC board mounting design, this switch offers a tailored solution for various industries and applications. Let’s dive into the details and discover the power of our TL2 Series LED tactile button switch.

Illuminated Cap Options and Tactile Response:

The TL2 Series LED tactile button switch offers multiple illuminated cap options, allowing for customization and visual appeal. With the ability to include custom graphics, you can create a unique and branded user interface. The switch’s illuminated caps provide clear and vibrant indicators, enhancing user interaction and visibility in various environments. Additionally, the switch’s sharp tactile response ensures precise and satisfying feedback with every press, enhancing the user experience.

Single or Bicolor LED Options:

To cater to different design requirements, our TL2 Series LED tactile button switch is available with options for single or bicolor LEDs. The single LED option provides consistent color illumination, while the bicolor LED option allows for dual-color combinations, offering additional visual indicators or customization possibilities. Choose the LED configuration that best suits your application’s needs or aesthetic preferences.

Long Life Expectancy and Temperature Range:

Engineered for durability, the TL2 Series tact switches boast an impressive life expectancy of 500,000 cycles. This robust construction ensures reliable and long-lasting performance, even in demanding applications. Operating in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C, these switches are designed to withstand extreme conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and environments.


The TL2 Series illuminated tactile button switch finds applications in various industries and sectors. Its versatility and performance make it an ideal choice for:

Consumer Electronics: From handheld devices to home appliances, the TL2 Series switch provides a tactile and visually appealing interface for consumer electronics, enhancing user satisfaction.

Audio/Visual: In audio and visual equipment, the illuminated tactile switch offers intuitive control and clear visual indicators, optimizing user experience.

Medical: The TL2 Series switch’s durability and tactile feedback make it suitable for medical devices, where reliability and ease of use are paramount.

Computers/Servers: From desktop computers to server systems, the TL2 Series tactile switch provides a reliable and responsive user interface, enhancing efficiency and control.

PCB Mounting Design:

The TL2 Series LED tactile button switch features a PCB mounting design(SMT and THT), ensuring easy and secure installation on printed circuit boards. This design simplifies the integration process and provides a stable and reliable connection, guaranteeing optimal performance.


With its sharp tactile response, customizable illuminated cap options, and long-lasting durability, the TL2 Series LED tactile button switch stands as a reliable and versatile choice for various industries and applications. Whether you require a single or bi-color LED option, the switch’s tactile feedback and clear visual indicators enhance user interaction and control. Embrace the power of our TL2 Series LED tactile button switch and elevate your devices with precision, reliability, and user satisfaction.

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